Life on board a seized vessel.

In the winter of 1995 there were a few seized vessels in the port of Rotterdam due too debts of the shipping companies.

The crew had been on the chained ships for over 6 months –  boredom had become part of their routine – and I paid regular visits, even celebrated christmas with them.

They hang around most of the time, repaired bikes and watched vhs-video’s on an old telly.
They received help from a Christian organisation t; food and clothes where brought and services were held at a local chapel.

Both the Russian crew as the men from Sri Lanka where very hospitable, though they lived their lives separately on board of the ship and on land.

The Russian cook thought of me as a perfect husband for his daughter in Odessa.
Ionian Prince 12 Ionian Prince ionian prince6 pool Rotterdam Schip 37 MAASKANTS ROTTERDAM Rotterdam Schip 64 ed schip 2 ed schip 3 ed Schip 16 Schip 20 wasmachine 50x75 ed Schip 24 ed Schip 42 ed Schip 50 Schip 54 Schip 57 s Schip 60 schip 61 s Schip 70


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